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„Central Europe and Balkan Muslims: Relations and Representations“, Prague, October 2-3, 2017

„Central Europe and Balkan Muslims: Relations and Representations“, Prague, October 2-3, 2017

Programme here.

8:30-9:00 Registration of participants
9:00-9:30 Welcome and Introduction
Jan Němeček
statutory deputy director, Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague
František Šístek
Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

From “Turkish Threat“ to Habsburg Bosnia and Hercegovina
Chair: František Šístek
“The Turkish Threat” and Early Modern Central Europe: Czech Reflections
Ladislav Hladký – Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Brno
Petr Stehlík –  Faculty of Philosophy, Masaryk University, Brno

Austria-Hungary’s Only Colony? Bosnia-Hercegovina, 1878-1918
Clemens Ruthner
School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies, Trinity College, Dublin

Bosnia’ s Muslims between Millet and Nation
Božidar Jezernik – Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

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Religious Institutions and Education in Habsburg Bosnia and Hercegovina

Towards Secularity: Autonomy and Modernisation of Bosnian Islamic Institutions during the Austro-Hungarian Administration
Zora Hesová –  Department of Political Science, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague

Educational Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina during Austro-Hungarian Rule with a Special Reference to Muslim Women’s Education
Sumeja Ljevaković Subašić –  Faculty for Islamic Studies in Sarajevo / Institute for the Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks, Sarajevo

The Portrayal of Muslims in Austrian-Hungarian State Primary School Readers for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Oliver Pejić – Department of History, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Lunch break

Representations of Bosnian and Sandžak Muslims in the Late Habsburg Monarchy
Chair: Clemens Ruthner

Savage Fanatics or Cultural Elites? The Perception of Bosnian Muslims in Austro-Hungarian Media and Military during the “Occupation Campaign“ of 1878
Martin Gabriel § Department of History, University of Klagenfurt

Habsburg’s Images of Muslim Communities in Ottoman Sanjak Novipazar, 1879-1908
Tamara Scheer – Institute for East European History, University of Vienna

Croatian National Awakening and Bosnian-Hercegovinian Muslims: from Aliens Beside Us to Others Among Us
Drago Roksandić – Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb

Coffee break

Imagining and Rethinking the Bosnian and Other Balkan Muslims
Chair: Drago Roksandić

Imperial Backyard or Homeland of Muslim “Slavic Brothers“? The Austroslavist Discovery of Bosnia in Context, 1800-1918
Franz Leander Fillafer – Department of History and Sociology, University of Konstanz
The Balkan Muslim in Central European Historical Fiction
Charles Sabatos – Yeditepe University, Istanbul

Representations of Bosnian Muslims in Czech literature, travellogues and memoirs, 1878-1918
František Šístek – Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Austronostalgia, Habsburg Legacy, Yugoslav Family Life and Bosnian Muslims in the Work of the Croatian Anthropologist Vera St. Ehrlich
Bojan Baskar – Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

Albanians and the Sandžak: Politics and Cultural Images
Chair: Tamara Scheer

Understanding Multiple Agencies: Albanian Muslims beyond Islam before the First World War
Dušan Fundić – Institute of Balkan Studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Belgrade

Czechs in Albania during the First World War: Their Impressions and Literary Heritage
Přemysl Vinš – Department of South Slavonic and Bakan Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague

Muftija Šemsikadić in the songs of Bosnians from the Sandžak Region
Naka Nikšić – Teacher Education Faculty, University of Belgrade

Coffee break
Contemporary Representations of Balkan Muslims in Central Europe
Chair: Božidar Jezernik

From Brothers to Others? Changing Images of Bosnian Muslims in Post-Yugoslav Slovenia
Alenka Bartulović – Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

“Invisible People“ – the Image of Refugees from Kosovo in Poland
Agata Beata Domachowska – Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń

The West, the Balkans and the In-Between: Bosniaks Representing a European Islam
Merima Šehagić – Graduate School for Muslim Cultures and Societies, Berlin

Religious Views among Young Adults of Bosnian Muslim Origin in Germany
Aldina Čemernica – Department of Slavic Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin

Lunch break

Balkan Muslims: Coexistence, Conflicts and Debates
Chair: Alenka Bartulović

The Czech Minority in Bosnia and Muslim Society
Zdeněk Uherek – Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

Stigmatization of Conversion to Islam: The Serbian Phrase “Poturica gori od Turčina“ (“A Convert to Islam is Worse than a Turk“) in Public Discourse Marija Mandić
Institute of Slavic Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin

Two Nations, Two Religions, One City: Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats Pilgrimage and Heritage in the Context of Medieval Royal City of Bobovac
Mario Katić – Department of Ethnology and Anthropology, University of Zadar

On Burek in Central Europe and “Burekalisation“ of People of Bosnian Muslim Origin
Markéta Slavková – Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava / Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague

General discussion and final remarks
The conference has been generously supported by Strategie AV21 –
– Top Research in the Public Interest, research programme of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

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